About Us

Making a change in developing Economies by launching digital services and integrating Artificial Intelligence.

About Alwa Group

Alwa is a Digital Group based in Lebanon. Alwa was founded and launched in 2021 by Ali Daher.

Alwa aims to make a change in developing economies and markets by operating and launching service-oriented business concepts. Today we have more than 4 established businesses and startups around the world.

Our people thrive and are worthy of freedom. They are self-aware, self-motivating, self-disciplined and most importantly self-improving. We highly value curious people who learn rapidly and eagerly.‌

We will constantly set the bar higher and will never be completely satisfied with our results. This is our competitive advantage. We lead by example, in both great and small gestures in the company’s day-to-day activities. 


Alwa Group of companies

We assure that every company operating under our roof offers the same high-quality service at all times.